plzzzz help me!

i have an old 60cc 1971 yamaha and i have been workin on it every weeknd for about 3 months i finally got it running...but the problem is that after about 10sec of riding it wants to die on me.....I keep it running by jerking it around while im riding, but it eventully i think the problem is that its getting flooded, but im no michanic soo if u have any info that might help plz share!

What does "jerking it around" mean? Are you physically shaking the bike around? If so my first guess would be junk in the gas tank and/or in the carb float bowl. More info needed....

Sounds like either a loose wire or bad ground, or some problem with clogged fuel lines/filters, or a float level that is not right...

We will need more info with better technical terms to properly diagnose it... :cry:


A 1971 Mini Enduro?

Is the fuel tank rusty inside that will give you problems for ever it will keep clogging everything :smashpc:There is some stuff you can get at your local auto parts I don't remember what it's called but it was white like milk you roll it around in the tank to coat the inside like a rubber skin Then clean the carb for the last time :cry: :cry:

alright thx guys i cleaned the tank out completely and now its prrr-in like a kittin again :cry:

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