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Ok I know someone has asked this before but I can't find it. Here is the problem; on the last ride only my 96 XR600 would idle and run fine up to 1/2 throttle but when I opened it up it coughed sputtered and would lose power intermittently. For the record the carburetor and tank are clean and the jets are new 68/168. At one point during the ride I pulled the plug and it did not look fouled. I am running pump 92 gas. I am wondering if the ignition is starting to go out but I can't remember what the symptoms are for that problem. By the way it still starts on the first-second kick. There has got to be someone who knows the answer to this. Any help would be appreciated.

Mike :)


Check the seating of your main jet to make sure it has not vibrated loose and allowing gas to flow around the threads.

This could cause an overly rich condition beginning at the 1/2 open throttle position.

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I know you said your carb is clean, but check it again. I had the exact problem, and I found a speck about the size of a piece of black pepper in the bottom of my bowl. What was happening was that the speck was moving around and occasionally blocking the main jet. The bike would run fine until you got on the gas and then, nothing. The fact that it's intermittent makes me think even more that it is a small fleck of dirt.

Thanks for the quick reply. I haven't even left work yet. :) I did have plans to remove both the tank and carb and go through both. I hope that it is something that simple. It has never acted up on me. I also just cleaned my K&N filter the night before the ride and could have sent something down the intake??? We'll see.

Mike :D

Check that your main jet or main jet holder isn't loose and give your carby a good clean. Is your engine stock? If so, your jetting would seem way rich, this would cause it to cough. Good luck. :)

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