'85 xr600

lookoing at a 1985 xr600 w/ street title for dual sport. Any input on this model? Good or bad?

Go for something newer. I think that model had 2 carbs and rear drum brakes.

Go for a newer model if you can afford it. The 91' onwards models had much better suspension and brakes. If this bike is in good condition though and suits your budget go for it! :)

If memory serves me correct my '84 XR500 had twin carbs. The bike never gave me any problems however that was about 15 years ago... It depends on parts availability, asking price vs. prior use of the bike, low milage etc.

Some times the money we save on an older machine is spent 2x trying to keep it going. Just my 2 cents worth.

my buddy rides 84 xr500 he bought it new.he dualsports it ,he rides it on track and he commutes to work on it in summerive never seen this bike break down.it probably has around 70,000 miles on original motor i know he put a set of rings on it about 4 yrs ago.i know hes rode it from bay area to mexico 2 or 3 times.there it is bike in the middle im%20the%20guy%20in%20middle.jpg

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Big bore XR's are really indestructible,hum? I have a 91 XR 600 and it's also rock hard.

Think like this :

You want a roch hard bike = buy an XR, but the bike durability in your hands will be bigger the more recent the model is! That's Logic...

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