after market seat?

Ok, just got my 2002 wr426 back from being resprung for a 260lber. I got a muffler from a yz426 that im noping will mount on the back but for right now im riding it with the whole end cap off. Was wondering if any one knows of a company that makes a bigger seat? I also ride a xr400 and the width of the seat fits my larger size alot better then the skinny seat on the WR. Was wondering if any company makes a fat seat because I find it hard to get used to riding such a skiny bike its kinba of like riding a mountain bike with a motor.

I beleive "ceet" makes a wider seat I'm not positive about the '02 model but they did for my '98 wr400.

Later MontanaThumper

made it myself

artificial leather, idea and a dressmaker friend

I have put a after market gust seat on mine and am very happy with it.

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