Well I have changed four flats this year, two puntures, two pinched tubes. I ride in a lot of rocky ground, also in a lot of wooded areas with madrone and laurel. Anyone out there have any tips or tricks on keeping from getting flats. I am getting tired of changing tires.

Here in Colorado we also ride in the rocks, I used to get flats all the time, but I switched to bridgestone heavy duty tubes and also keep an eye on tire preasure, running a few more pounds of preasure when it is very rocky. Knock on wood, I've not had a flat in at least 5 years. Spend the extra $$$, it's worth it.

Heavyduty tubes,enough air pressure, and watch your step :cry:

Heavyduty tubes,enough air pressure, and watch your step :cry:

I installed 2 new tubes in my new WR450 before I ever rode it. I bought the Bridgestone Ultra Duty tubes. I didnt realize how beefy these tubes were. I had always has just regular heavy duty prior and dont know if ultra duty is necessary. But now that they are in, I should not have any trouble. They were so beefy, I bet they will work like run flats if in the rare event, I ever do get a flat. My biggest fear is getting a flat and ruining all my buddies riding day.

Bridgestone Ultra Heavy Duty are the best tubes I have ever run. :cry:

Sounds as if the Bridgestone heavy duty are the way to go, thanks for the info, as for air pressure, where would be a good place to run it? I have been told since I and bigger than the average rider 6'5", 230lbs that I should run it a little higher than recommended?

I use the Bridgestone Ultra Heavy DUty Tubes and run 15 PSI on the rocky southern AZ desert. Haven't had a snake bite (pinched tube) since running the higher PSI. Used to run around 11 PSI. I think the higher PSI is more important than the tube selection. The MSR Hvy-duty tubes are used by alot of my riding buddies and they like them alot without the higher $$$ costing. :cry:

i use the bridgstone ultra also, these things are so tough you can run them by themselves for supermoto riding! :cry:

I use the Bridgestone Ultra Heavy DUty Tubes and run 15 PSI

same here! :cry:

I think you would be fine just by checking and adjusting your tire pressure ti suit conditions. I live in Colo. I don't think there is real dirt anywhere in the state, just rocks, clay(or adobe mud if its wet), crushed up rocks, or cat-litter sand. All of my riding buds think I'm out of my mind because I run 20 psi in rocky conditions with a standard tube but I haven't had a pinch flat (other than tire tool/12pack of beer owner induced)in years. I really hate heavy duty tubes for the simple reason that they suck to install. I do have have a problem with running this much pressure though. 20psi combined w/scotts damper and a newfound fondness for hitting things that I shouldn't have resulted in a front wheel that looks like something off of a connastoga wagon.

This last weekend I finally replaced my battered front hoop with a 20" Excel rim and Bridgstone M601 w/STANDARD tube @13psi. Results good so far!

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