Question, Power up kit

I installed the power up kit on my new 650. Everything went will but when I had the carb apart and the main jet out then the needle seat fell on the floor. I picked it up and put it on the table right next to the new one. Later when I went to install it I couldn't tell which one was the right one. (Dumb Ass) :) After looking at both I installed it one with the bigger hole. Does this sound right to you :D It seemed like the logical choice.


Hey Mike...if you're powering up it's a larger jet, so you should be fine.

Thanks, I'll see how this big boy runs this week end.


I could be wrong. I was thinking that the new needle is thinner to enable more fuel to pass by thus needing a smaller hole to seat in?

I could measure my stock needle seat that I removed and compare with the one that you left out. Let me Know.

I sent you a PM, but if you could measure your old needle seat I could tell if I have the rong one in or not.



Well here we go again, I did all the mods except change the pilot jet. I took it out last week end and ran fine but noticed back firing when I backed off the gas going down hill. So I went to install a 68 pilot jet and I noticed the I lost the plug to the vacuum port on the manifold. I'm going to give it another try before I change it.

I put the White Bros pipe on and it sound sweet. Thats how a real motorcycle should sound. :)

how much are the power up kits and where ca u get them

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