is it still a fuel screw?

bought my daughter a little no name 90cc four stroke dirt bike, (cos it was blue) the idle mixture screw is back at the rear of the carb, right by the air filter boot, instead of near the engine side, is it still a fuel screw, or would it be an air screw. sorry for the stupid question. :cry:

Not a stupid question, but very difficult to answer without knowing what carb it is. Play with it a little; if you unscrew it and it gets richer then it's a fuel screw, if it leans out then it's an air screw.

Most small 4 strokes dont run an accelerator pump and are using 2 stroke carbs. If the screw is between the carb and airbox, it is an air screw. If it is between the carb and cylinder, it is a fuel screw.

thanks muffins, preciate the fast response. you would think it would be obvious if i fiddled with it, which im prone to do, but its so underpowered and poorly tuned, it hardly makes a diff.

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