2002 xr 650 emissions block help please!

hello every one. i am new to this sight and i need your help. i purchased the power up kit and the applied racing emissions block kit. i have not installed the power up kit yet, but i have installed the emissions block kit. after installing the kit i took out the two restrictive pieces in the air box. i then started my bike and it sounded like sh&t . like it was bogging down, too rich maybe. i messed with the timing on the carb, didnt help much. i put the restrictive pieces back in the airbox, started it up, sounds great. only problem is this, from a low idle, if i hit the throttle very hard and fast, it dies. if i ease into the throttle then hit it hard its fine. is there help for me or am i just screwed? any and all help would be appreciated! :):D

You're gonna have to install the power up kit to compensate for the amount of air you're letting in after removing the restrictors.

You mention that you messed with the carburetor timing, I'm assuming that you're talking about the idle mixture. I would say that you need to adjust it again after putting the restrictors back in.

After you install the power up kit, and remove the restrictors, you will have to go to a bigger main jet and possibly a bigger pilot. I got my kit from Baja Designs, and it included everything except the pilot. They don't recommend going to a larger pilot jet, but I am going to try it, as I've got some advice from some other folks here on this site that recommended it.

You're gonna love the power up kit...it makes it a totally different bike... :)

I'm curious how you removed the stock air pipes from the head. Did you have to remove the radiators? I just removed the valve and plugged the hoses, figuring that I'll wait to remove the pipes when I have a good reason to remove the radiators.

I had to unscrew the left side radiator, pull it forward, get my 5mm allen wrench (use a shorty), put it in the bolt, then i used a tie down strap, wrapped it around the end of the allen wrench and pulled like hell. it loosened right up.

after putting the airbox restrictors back in i messed with the cardb adjustment again, idles fine, and revs fine as long as i ease into it to give it some gas before i punch it hard. but if i just gun it right away from idle it stalls. in the power up kit i bought it came with a needle and a jet. are you saying i will need to buy more than that to make it run right?

I would say that you possibly have something plugged in your carb somewhere that's causing that problem.

Yes, you should go up on the main jet size after doing the power up mods to compensate for allowing more air in. Mine seems to run okay with the stock pilot jet, but I'm going to go up to a #68, as I heard that it starts easier and will run cooler. The main jet appears to be just like any other Keihen (spelling?) carb, but the pilot jet is a little different. I took my pilot down to my local honda shop, and the threads didn't match up to any of the pilot jets they had in stock, so they ordered me one specifically for a XR650R.

You really need to do all the items in the power up list, they all work togather, if you skip one, none of the other mods will work right. Intake, jetting, manifold, and exhaust...

P.S. Damn that 5mm allen bolt was tight!!!

I just did the power up on my 650 last night. Did you change the intake manifold? I replaced mine and when I say what honda did there is a good chance that is your problem. The stock Calif intake is blocked off by about 50%. It looks like you can just cut the restrictor part out.


Yeh I have the new intake manifold, just havnt put it on yet. Would that make a difference for the dieing problem when I rev it real hard from idle?

i just posted but found this complaint afterwards,it sounds like the same thing i have got going on myself,it bogs off of idle,i could make it die i guess,i had dealership do the power up kit and they apparently did it all,main,intake,air box restrictor,needle,i installed w/b e pipe,bike runs great if i just roll on but i didnt spend all this money to just roll on throttle?if i leave half choked the thing screams? :)

I have not done the power up yet (all pieces sitting in garage). I have only done the emission block. Thats exactly what happens to me. Once it gets going its fine, but if I dont slowley give gas from idle I can kill it every time if i just gas real hard. I am learning to deal with it, but it's bull$hit on a $5500 bike.


I would think that if it did not have the problem when choked, it must be getting to much air or not enough fuel? I would try the 68s pilot jet. I have one in mine and it is just like billyj7175 said, starts easy and runs cool.

About six months ago, I got a free pipe from a friend. I installed the pipe before the power up kit and also pulled the plugs out of the air box. That thing ran like crap but, if I left the choke half way on, it ran great. I then installed the power up kit and it ran much better. It still had a little hesitation from off throttle until I installed the 68s pilot jet.

I have been fiddling with the jetting of my BRP and found the same problem. I have pulled the air box restrictors, cut out the manafold, and have the HRC exhaust tip.

I cured the problem by richening the "Pilot Screw" on the carb to 2 3/4 turns out. What I think is happening is when you open the throttle that fast the air slows down and you loose the vaccum to pull the fuel and it dies. I would try richening the idle mixture.

Also on the Yahoo board if you do a search on "Jetting" there is a file that a member put together that details the jetting people use and also lists other factors like altitude, pipe, mods, etc.

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