Cheap exhaust mods for XR650R

Lacking the $300 or so for a fancy exhaust system, I drilled out the exhaust tip. Things were a bit LOUD - so I stopped at the grocery store for a couple packs of stainless steel scrubbers. I have been playing with them a bit - settled on two of them, in the last bit of the pipe, toward the back - and believe I have it dialed in nicely - WOT in 1st and 2nd will lift the front all by itself. Fun to play with anyway.

:) happy trails


On my stock exhaust, I completely hollowed it out. Just took the 3 bolts off, slid everything out, and chopped it off. Only thing left was the stainless tip on the end of the muffler. I ran it like this for quite a while. But, it was pretty loud, not to mention it wasn't s/a legal.

Then I got a spark arrestor screen for a White Bros. R4 muffler, and welded it on the inside of the stainless tip. Loud? Yes, but no more than an aftermarket pipe. Only cost me $15 for a free flowing exhaust. Worked great until the screen blew apart!

See, I used a gas welder to do the job, and I'm sure that the flame made the screen brittle. I think it would have been fine if I'd have used a MIG welder instead.

Buy the high preformance insert from the dealer. My insert came with my bike so I don't know how much.

Baja Designs sells the HRC Exhaust Tip for $115 which is cheaper than the $140-160 that I have been quoted by dealers.

My stainless-steel brillo pads cost $2.67. I guess I wore the hole saw a bit cutting part of the baffle off (leaving the screen).

I started with 4 brillo pads... too congested - two, in the last part of the pipe (there are two compartments) seemed to be a nice balance of noise and power.

I installed the HRC tip with great results. It improves power everywhere, but is 1/3 the cost and somewhat quieter than most aftermarket systems. has it for $101. Part # 18317-MBN-640

Originally posted by jaybert600:

... has it for $101. Part # 18317-MBN-640

Ron Ayers Motorsports has this part number for $96.28, saving you a bit more money. I've bought plenty from Service Honda, but I've never bought anything from Ron Ayers. Dont' forget to find out shipping costs as some vendors charge more than others.

Just click on the link "Part # Search" on the left menu to check prices at Ron Ayers Motorsports. Here's the link:

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