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Observations comparing RXCe KTM to '03 KLX400SR

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I recently bought a '03 KLX400SR with the idea of replacing my basically stock '98 KTM RXCe400 (that I bought new) and has been a great bike. Some comparisons;

The KLX has noticeably more power, I'd say about 15% more.

The KLX suspension is a little better, mainly the fork.

I'd say the brakes are about equal.

The KLX seat is actually worse than the KTM!!!! &%$#@!!?!?!?.

The KLX probably shifts a little better, of course it hasn't been beat on like my RXC.

The KLX is a little lighter, (sure feels like it).

The KLX motor is a little smoother.

Some things I like about the RXC better than the KLX;

The seat, (and it ain't nothin' to write home about).

The overall handling, slower, a little more predictable.

The Powerband (see below)

The centerstand is actually kinda handy.

You can feel the difference in design theory between the bikes. The KLX seems more MX oriented, faster revving, less flywheel, super quick handling, (headshakes some), more abrupt power delivery. The KTM has wider gearbox spacing, revs slower, (more flywheel), smoother power delivery down low, (has a hit in the power band higher up) and the handling is a little slower but solid at any speed. I would really like to get the KLX to mimick the power delivery of the KTM in the lower gears because it would be much easier, at least for me, to ride in the woods. I kinda like the slower handling of the RXC also but I can adjust to the KLX. I also think the cush drive on the RXC smooths the power delivery some. I'd be interested if anybody had any ideas about smoothing out the power delivery in the lower gears. I can only guess you would have to change the cam geometry somehow to flatten it out down low and I don't really want to go to that length. Any ideas would be appreciated.



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