XR's Only exhaust?....any feedback?

XR's Only claims 13 ft/lbs of torque, and 11 hp gain over stock with their pipe.

Can anybody back this up?

No way, no how. Wanna know how they can claim this? First they run a bone stock bike on the dyno. Then, they do all the necessary uncorking, and instead of using the HRC tip, they slap on their pipe. Then they do a dyno run, lo an behold they bike makes 13 more horses and a truckload more torque.

It'd be my guess that their pipe probably is like every aftermarket pipe.....not all that great over stock, especially considering the cost.

Kinda like my E-Series. The dyno chart that White Bros. supplied it with showed an increase of like 3 or 4hp (if I remember right). In the DIRT BIKE pipe shootout, the E-Series is good for just about 1hp on top end over the hop-up insert. I suspect that what White Bros. does is test the bike with the uncorked intake mods, but with the stock exhaust tip, hence the bigger gain.

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hmmmmm the akropovic pipe looks a lot like a fmf powercore IV.....

Hey guys! I'm goig to tell you about a test in a offroad prestigeous magazine that compared several mufflers in the 600 xr a couple of years ago: WhiteBros, procircuit, Arrow, Javi & original muffler. and what was the conclusion? the original muffler developed, except for the excessively noisy White Bros,the best numbers in torque and power, this without that little extractable silencer that xr's posseed! Amazed ?

special mufflers generally work for weight loss and esthetics !

Nice rideing for you all

JP (aka MADDOG) :)


Which White Bros. pipe was it? The E-Series or R4? The test in DIRT BIKE a few years back had the E-Series making a little more than stock up until the upper mid range (where it equaled stock), and then making about 1hp more and revving out more than stock. The R4 had a less impressive looking power curve.

Anyone seen the dynochart for Akropovic's full system. Theyre showing 45hp stock and 50hp with their system. Torque looks very good as well. Comparing their stock run it looks like my deresricted XR with the HRC tip. I doubt anyone has heard of Akro, they're known for their street stuff. Worth a look though.

Here's the link...


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