BD's Sual Sport Kit

Anyone have problems with the rear turn signals on the kit? My right rear seems to rub on the number plate. I thought of using a spacer to move the signal more rearward, but then it ends up resting on top of my Yosh slip-on. As I bought a new rear fender for the installation, I was thinking of mounting the signals to the steel bracket that holds the forward part of the tail-light assembly on. The signals would be canted upward, but out of harms way. Any other ideas?

I've got the same problem with mine...but after I get my "brake & lamp" inspection, I'm going to flush mounts...that way they are REALLY tucked in out of the way even though not totally legal. It will also give me two spares for the front

speaking of "brake & lamp", might I ask where you got yours done?

Most dealers can do it. Also Service Stations that have those State of CA Gold Shield inspection signs can sign it off. As a last resort goto your local Police Dept as they can sign it off too.

I have a pipe that would not let me use the brackets that came with the kit. I drilled holes on the side of the rear fender as far forward as I could and mounted through those holes. It seems to be holding up well.

Did you all require purchasing the actual "brake and lamp" certificates? Or just fill out the forms that are included with the BD kit?

I filled out the Statement of Facts that came with the BD kit and had a police officer friend of mine sign off on them. The lady at the DMV who did the registration said that I could not have a police officer sign off on the Statement of Facts. She tried to find where it stated it in the DMV bible and was unable to. As a result, she said that she would go ahead and do it :) I don’t know if I got lucky or if it can be done like that.

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