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Valves on UK 250X

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Well today I checked the valves on my X, I have done 1,000

miles (50 hours) all trail riding in my local area, a

weekend in Wales, and a weekend in Devon.

My bike was new on the 26/06 and has had 4 oil and filter

changes and is in the process of having its 5th.

The left Intake was .004 the right was .005

and both the exhaust valves were .011.

Now the question, its says in the book + or - .

001, so by the book I'm within spec but as my

left intake is .004 do

I leave it and check again soon or re-shim now??


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Keep an eye on them and enjoy. They are the same specs as mine from new. I have 500 miles (25 hours) on mine now and they haven't moved. Checked 3 times. I race hare scrambles on mine so it gets on the limiter a few times! Change oil after every race, filter every 2, no problems at all. Awesome bike. :cry:

Where did you go in Devon?

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Thanks for the reply, i had more or less decided to leave

them and just check more regularly.

As for Devon we met up with a Chap called Rick Stowell in

Taunton and stayed in Bishops Lydeard and then rode the

Quantocks and out to Weddon Cross and all over the place.

We did 120 miles the first day and then 70 plus the second,

fantastic weekend and will be going back next year.


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