Need a part and some info. XR650L

I need a left side crankcase cover for a XR650L.Has anyone made or know where you can get a right footpeg support that fits closer to the bike.I am wearing my footpeg off in a hurry.The left side is alright but the right side looks like it should be on some other bike. Honda must have had some left over and decided to use them on the l models. I fixed the side stand so it will not touch down anymore.It was touching down so hard it was putting dents in the swingarm.I had already cut it down for the 17 inch wheels so I cut some of the stop off so it would swing higher up.Worked great.

Can't help you with the sidecase(try e-bay ?)but the right footpeg mount is like that because the frame is the old XR600R design.The space is for the kickstarter when it bottoms out.I thought is was pretty lame of Honda not to design another mount for the L. :cry:

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