Power Now

Power Now is a new gadget which basically affects the way air flows into the carb.. There is a test on it at www.dirtbikemagazine.com/ along with a picture of the new billet aluminum ones. They are supposed to increase low end response.Dirt Bike says they work great, and so do several guys that own crf450r on this site.The BRP has much more of a lag in power off the bottom than the crf does so this mod may do wonders for our bikes.Does anyone have one on their 650 already and care to tell us about it?It may also help the stall problem at low rpm.

Interesting. If it did work as claimed, I'd be interested in getting one for my 650, as I spend most of my time on the low end of the RPMs.

Visited the power now site but it seems that they haven't got this device for the Honda's. B.T.W. where exactly will this device be fitted?

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