Setting rear Sag XR650R

I am trying to set my rear sag at about 95mm (3.74 in). I am at 127mm (5in). I took the sub frame off and turned the adjuster on the spring on the rear shock in (compressing the spring) 1 1/2 turns on the spanner nut. I thought that would be close. No way, I am still at 127 mm. How many turns in should I try next? This is the fourth time I have had the sub frame off trying to get the Sag set. It takes 1 1/2 hours to dissasemble and reassemble, measure. :cry:

Here are the boring details 175 lbs rider

622mm (24 1/2 in)Free height

495mm (19 1/2 in)Rider Sag

Rear Ride Height Sag 622 - 495 = 127mm (5in)

I would like to get a lot closer on the next try. Any words of wisdom on this Sagging question? :cry:

Why are you taking off the rear subframe? Dont use a spring wrench, just use a hammer and a punch or chisel/screw driver with a rag over it. That save a lot of time just be careful and make sure it doesnt slip off and damage you threads. To get mine to ove an inch i had to go four turns but i was going the other way. So i would say go 4 and see where your at. But you should n't have to take off the subframe, and that makes it a lot quicker and easier to meassure.

It's so buried behind the air box I didnt think you could get at the nut. I will give this method a try.

Man that was easy. Did not look like you could get in there but you can. Thanks for the tip

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