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Where do I start? XR650L 340lb rider. Suspension ????

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I've got a 2004 XR650L.

I am 6ft 4" tall and weigh 340 pounds. I ride tight trails with lots of whoops, mud, loose rocks, ruts, packed dirt, small jumps, etc.

I need to know where to start with making my suspension a little better.

As it is the bike shop I got it from did some minor adjustments to the rear spring in anticipation of my weight.

I feel the rear suspension is way too hard. It's at the right height I need but it barely compresses when I hit bumps. I would like it to be softer but still hold up if/when I jump it. What/where do I need to make adjustments to do this?

Also: My front end has a mind of it's own. While in ruts or berms the front end wants to plow through or climb out of the berm/rut. While going down hill in ruts I feel like I am in a boxing match as I am constantly throwing my arms in and out in an effort to keep the bike going forward instead of turning sharply one way or the other.

I've been told to raise the forks and look into a steering stablizer. Both of which I will do eventually... however I would like to try and tweak the current suspension (aka FREE) so that the bike is a little easier to ride.

Any suggestions?


Ron Dunn Jr


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