rekluse vs. manual clutch.

when i was taking my clutch apart, i bent the lower assembly of the rekluse by backing out the screws! talk about a design flaw. or bone-headedness, either one.

but i had to go back to a manual clutch, and i cant believe it, but i like the hookup of a manual clutch much better. :cry: though i really hate the lever pull.

i have to find a way to combine the hookup of a manual and the advantage of the auto, which could only mean more tungsten balls and maybe a bit more spring tension. im using 5 already, but now i see i need a much lower stall speed and a steeper engagement curve.

would more T.C. balls and more spring tension give me what im looking for, or will the two negate each other? i need a very sharp engagement right off idle, but want it to disengage enough to avoid stalling. anyone know how to make this happen? :cry:

Heavier balls (TC) will make it engage at a lower rpm, a lighter spring will help it engage at a lower rpm also. You will have to experiment for perfection.

If you want to go the manual route, there are a few options to reduce the lever pull.

First only use the lever in the corners or stops to reduce stalling. You dont need the clutch to shift while underway.

Second, get a lever and perch with a reduced pull ratio. Anything Honda or good levers like the ASV ProPerch setup will reduce pull. Also get a new cable and keep it lubed up.

Alternatively, you could look into a hydraulic clutch setup.

i love having a manual clutch. i like rolling up to a hit in sand dunes, revving then dumping the clutch. the bike just takes off like a rocket. i love that feeling.

i run 5 tc balls with the light spring in the perch adjuster, my hook up is strong right off idle but the wr has a different final drive that works favorably in that direction. you can try 6 or 10 tc balls,six would work with the light spring and 10 with the heavy spring may be the better way(more tc balls = more pressure on the clutch and the stiffer spring would = a manageable engagement.) i did sleep in a holiday inn last night! :cry:

i did sleep in a holiday inn last night!

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

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