Really quite mufflers

Who makes the quietest muffler I would like buy one for a XR 650 R ED spec

Originally posted by WEET:

Who makes the quietest muffler I would like buy one for a XR 650 R ED spec

Hands Down.

The best exhaust with the most power and the least decibels is the FMF PowerCore IV Q-Series.

Case Closed...

P.S. The WB E-Series makes the most power from Idle to Redline, though.

If you have the stock pipe get a WB Hot Tip for $45 from I put one on my 600 and prefer it over the previous Supertrapp, plus it is only 2 dB over stock. WB claims a 6 hp gain over a stock XR600 end cap. It is definitely worth the 45 bones in my opinion, spend that extra $250 on some Gold Valves!!! :)

Sorry, I thought you had the 650L, disregard previous post. :)

When you say that the most power is the WB e-series, is that the Pro-Meg or the S-bend?

Hey r4sbergXR600, does the WB HotTip slip into the stock exhaust until it's flush, or does it stick out? And does it use the same screws that are in the stock exhaust baffle to hold it in? Thanks, Mike

I believe it uses the stock screws, I bought my stock exhaust used and it didn't have the endcap so I bought some to fit. Fit is excellent, it is a tip that sticks out about 1.5". Made of aluminum and looks very nice. Best of all, it is quiet to keep the granola munchers off our backs :)

I cut out the stock core as explained on using a 2" hole saw. This removes the restriction but keeping the spark arrester. Looks good, great power and sounds awesome. Not too loud at all. I really can't justify an aftermarket pipe now.

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