Gas milage

Hey Y'all, My bike with only a couple hundred miles is already getting 45 mpg. I am wondering what is the normal? Also does adding a pipe, desmogging and rejetting, normal mods- How does this effect gas milage? Better or worse? Thanks-Robert

Ol Rob,

I recall you have a XR650L? My 650L gets around the mid 30s although I haven't actually checked. I switched to the reserve position on the fuel petcock at around 75 miles of road riding. The bike has a Supertrapp exhaust with the smog equip removed. My carb needs some adjustments, the bike stumbles on the top end. The previous owner had rejetted it so I need to pull the carb and see whats in there.

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Ol Bob, If your still running a stock bike with all the smog stuff you haven't even come close to the power potential of the bike. You might loose a little milage but gain so much more usable power.

I haven't even thought of checking the actual mileage yet, with the stock tank it would hit reserve at about 76-81 miles.(34-36mpg)

With the 4.0 IMS it's on 110miles and hasn't touched the reserve yet.

Hey voodoo what pipe is that? ims 4.0? What kind of sound does it produce? I want a good sound, but I doo ride in town alot.-Robert

DUH!!!!!!!!!!! I wasn't thinking about a new gas tank when I read your post, voodoo, LOL! That is one way to get more milage out of a tank-o-fuel!

Hey Rob! When I hit reserve at 75 miles with the tiny stock tank, my very first modification was the Clarke 4.7 gal. tank. It rocks!! You lose alot of weight & the huge "wings" from the stocker. Also, you still have FULL steering travel side to side, even with Acerbis Brush Guards. I avg. about 40-50 mpg., so range is now 175-200 miles before reserve. It's an easy install & gas line routing improves when you pull your smog stuff off the bike with the IMS Block-off Kit. I really believe any XRL owner will like the bike better uncorked!! It just runs better at all RPMs, but especially at the low & mid ranges that it's made for. No backfiring or slow speed stalling. Baja Designs has a page on the 650L. Get the Smog Block-Off Kit, Jetting Kit, Uni Air Filter & FMF "Q" Tailpipe...I also recommend the Acerbis tail light which they sell. I've taken ALOT of weight off the L with all the mods. Let me know if you need any more info.!! P.S.: The FMF "Q" pipe is awesome!! Harmonic 4-stroke thunder with a quiet side!! SWEET!

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