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Quiet Core

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Having to race this weekened and having a bike at 100db. I needed to get it down to 96db. I have a 87' Xr250r with a white brothers e-series pipe that has 5 disks in it. I repacked and it helped a little but not too much. I looked into buying the quiet core but that was $35.00. Instead i made a home made one. What i did was i took some metal screening and wrapped muffler packing around it. It is about 6 inches long and the center of it has a hole about the size of you thumb. My question is will putting this in cause my bike to overheat quicker or be bad for the engine?


1987 Xr250r- 909 Team talls, Millville tires, maier

plastics, ufo universal mx fender, cycra bark busters, k&n airfilter, snorkel removed, and many more experiments.

1961 Honda 90

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