A little help

Just got my motor (93 XR650L) back after it sitting almost three years in the shop (Military can be a bitch that way)I got it back together, but it won't star and run for more than thirty seconds. After a great deal of cranking, it began to blow oil from the crank breather hose, and the timing access port. This totally blew my mind, I have worked on bikes on and off for a few years, but never seen anything like this. Any suggestions on how I can get going again would be appreciated.

Maybe a stuck ring, allowing a lot of blow-by into the case. Have you cleaned out the carb? I don't mean just draining and re-filling with new gas, you need to take it all apart, and clean it out with carb cleaner(what else?) and blow out all the passages with compressed air.

I cleaned the Carb with carb cleaner and compressed air. I also checked to insure that spark was present. Still no dice.

Go back to basic's. Check the valve timing and gap. Check the compresion.

The oil is a mystery to me. I guess you could have a stuck ring. It all depends on what kind of work was done to the engine. If you had the engine a part did you get all the oil pump o-rings, seal in place. You might be hoseing the inside of the crank case causing oil to spray threw the breather tube. :)

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