Need new Wheels fast

Everyone I need help, I went riding with my friend and his new ktm, and it wouldnt start so I let him ride my back up (xr600) and he hit a rock the size of a watermelon and both rims have huge flat spots. Can any one recommend a shop that can build bulletproof wheels, I will use my old hubs, but want super tough rims and spokes. Send me in the right direction. Or tell me what set up works best.

Here's a shop advertising in Cycle News: Wheel Works, 12787 Nutwood, Garden Grove, Ca. 92640. 714-530-6681.

Another source might be White Brothers. I have a set of their wheels on my 426. 714-692-3409 in Yorba Linda, Ca.

contact buchanan spoke and frame.they are the best. they are now in azusa ca. .super tough rims,spokes,nipples.

You can reach Buchanan's at or phone at 626.969.4655. It's possible that the wheels can be straightened, if not they stock Excel & Sun rims & make Stainless spokes in house. In the future, raise the tire pressure when ever you loan out your bike. With tire pressures as low as is fashionable these days, Joey Dunlop's principle of pneumatic tires is totally deflated! ;-))

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