Hot Start Difficult?!?!

Ok, I ran my BRP in the woods today and it was 96deg up there and dry.

I stalled it on a difficult uphill - rider error - and struggled to get it happy again??

Any ideas what might cause this??



The big xr is never going to start on a hill,unless you roll it down and pop the clutch of course.When the xr falls over,is crashed, or stalls on a hill the carb floods. To unflood you must get the bike fairly level.Then hold the throttle wide open,hold the decompression lever, and kick it between 5 and 15 times to unflood it.Then attempt to start it again, if it dont start repeat the procedure.For some reason when flooded in hot weather it can be a bear to start.Personally I ordered an edelbrock quicksilver carb which doesnt flood and has an accelerator pump too. Been waiting 10 weeks and its still not here, of course they say it was just shipped. They must be good because they are backordered big time.

Maui - thx! We had it on a level area when trying to start it - it was definately flooded! thx for the info.


When restarting my bike after dumping it I like to just hold the throttle right off the bat no compression released used. I do this so I don't have to kick it over 20 times and so I can keep up with the group. It may not be what the factory wants but if you don't let the bike tach up to high it wont damage any thing.

[if you dont let the bike tach up to high it wont damage anything?] Sorry but I am not sure what your talking about. I would love to see someone with a flooded brp just hold the throttle open and fire it right up without the decompression or any excess kicking. Perhaps you have a quicksilver carb but forgot?

This is not the bike to coast down a hill, and bump start! The first thing I do when a flood condition happens is to turn off the fuel...then run thru the drill of kicking with compression lever pulled in...they tell me praying sometimes helps...

Thx guys! It was a hot day, and after 56+ woods miles it got flooded pretty good dumping it on a gnarly uphill.

We did end up holding the comp in,and kicking the snot out of it, then it fired eventually and ran fine.

I think the combination of cussing and praying worked.


If your not in a big hurry, wait about 5 minutes and then the bike should start normally. This works for me every time.

2000 XR650

Power up kit.

Not exactly what you are looking for but I installed the Edelbrock QS. It is the solution. Never a problem starting now. I wasted too much time waiting for the BRP to start, so this was the best for me. I didn't even have to drop the bike for it not to start. It was a beast, but not any more. I love the QS. No more jet hassles!


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