03 WR450 - battery is out, but did I remove the correct idler?

After a dead battery episode, I just removed it and have had no issues with kicking the bike. Today I decided to remove the gear just inside the 2-bolt round side cover. The is the gear between the actual starter pinion gear and the engine.

1. Does this reduce the chances of a Woodruff key failure?

2. Will taking out this bearing, washer, shaft and needle bearing cause any damage to the bike?

Thanks for any advice.

sounds like you got the right stuff. that should take care of the key issue, and no it won't hurt the motor. did your bike get the flywheel service from the dealer?

Yes, I had the TSB done during the first 2 weeks. I've never had any problems with it, but since I was not using the starter I thought I'd take a step to keeping the potential key problem away.

Since you've decide not to use the starter, you can remove it to shave some weight. Yamaha does make a plug for the hole that would be left behind once you remove the starter.

1 1/4" rubber freeze plug from auto zone also works to fill the hole. i cut the whole protrusion off the cover and tig welded the existing hole(it ends up being about 1"x1 1/2" to fill so i cut a piece from the cutoff section and welded her up) looks great. you can also take off the rotor/stator and remove the starter clutch and gear,saves another couple lbs. :cry:

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