Big disappointment

I just took my new 650 out for a ride Suturday and Sunday. I love the power but the bike doesn't handle. My DRZ400 handles much much better than the XR650 does. The way my DRZ is set up it weighs 300lbs so I know the bike is not too heavy. Going down a trail with lots of bumps and/or whoops I get hammered and I fell every rock and pit. I can't use the power god has given me. The DRZ fly's over the same terain. What can I do?

What can I expect by having the suspension revalved? I want the XR to ride like the DRZ. Does any one know what the differents are in the two bikes besides the fork diameter. The DRZ is plush in comparison to the XR, its like riding a brick


I had the same problem with mine. It will get better with break-in, plus I moved the clickers to 4 out front and rear. Where do you ride? The Carnegie "concrete" that I ride on is punishment on suspension and the rear tire.

Sorry, that should have been 4 clicks in from full soft.

I had my suspension, both front and rear entirely reworked. I was told that the stock set up does not allow fluid to move through the system easy enough. My valves were cleaned up, opened up and ported then the bottoming cones replaced along with most of the other parts. I changed springs to fit my weight and style. I spent $800 for a very nice custom package but now with everything flowing, it is a much more pleasant ride. You probably don't need to spend as much as I did. I think the valve work and spring changes were the most important.


Thanks, I went to Lindermann's today and picked up a set of springs. From what I was told I was adjusting the compression and rebound backwards. I made the compression real soft and the rebound stiff. I'll change the springs and go for there.


This is pretty interesting. Personally I think my crf has rather harsh suspension for offroad, and to me the brp is plush and handles well as long as you have some speed. The brp is a desert bike so if the suspension were softer it seems like it would wallow in the sand. Just for trails maybe it could be softer? I think you should ride it more and get used to it before you spend your cash on suspension mods.

I ordered some Protapers and a Scotts triple clamp. I'll get everything on with the new springs and try it again. I think I'll order a Damper too so I don't have to take it off my DRZ everytime I ride.


Curious why you added a BRP to the stable? It seems that the BRP & DRZ (at least yours) are fairly close in what they were designed to do. I know the BRP has/can have a ton more power but there is no real diff in weight is there? Does the DRZ suck wind in the desert?


Its best not to make any big changes until its broken in. After that, drain the yellow/grey snot that Honda put in the forks and put in some good fork oil. Once I did that and changed the springs for my weight, I can run both rebound and compression at full soft for the trails and add a few clicks for the dez.

Send it all off to Precision Concepts. It is a night and day difference.

WIth their mods its still plush but you can attack the trails with much more confidence. G outs are still interesting but vastly better than stock.

Much better in whoops and I dont mind even getting a bit of air on the beast now.

Had it valved for a Vet expert(me) but I think it would work for anyone

Either I'm that slow, or I haven't had a "modern bike" in a while, but I'm pretty happy with mine. I'm 170 lbs, and ride mostly desert trails. The fork is a little harsh I agree, but I like how it handles in the sand/loose stuff. I do plan on changing the oil pretty soon, as I've seen about a dozen posts recommending this. We'll see after then. Maybe as I get faster, I'll feel different...hahaha

Originally posted by billyj7175:

...I do plan on changing the oil pretty soon, as I've seen about a dozen posts recommending this. ...

And don't forget to clean the oil screen in the downtube because you'll likely find metal chips on it the first couple times you inspect it.

I find that you have to let the BRP soak up the terrain rather than trying to control every move of the front wheel.

Stay loose and get up on those pegs. :)


Well the reason for the 650 is we are planning to race the Baja 1000 and I needed a Honda 650 to pre-ride. We'll have Honda pit for us and there set up with 650 parts for their bikes. The DRZ is a great bike but 400cc is just 400cc. I just got back from the Neveda Mystery 250 ride and was feeling the lack of power on the DRZ. Don't get me wrong the bike was great but with the taller gearing it took a while to get up to speed after a turn. Anyway I have always wanted a 650 and I need two bikes. Besides it was on sale, $5263 out the door :D Do you think my wife will notice there are two bikes in the garage. :)



More power to you - no pun intended. I didn't realize you were planning on racing the 1000. I've pitted for some buddies that used to run a quad and it was a blast. Also, been down with some friends that run 2-1600 car - another great time.


DIRTDGR- If you don't mind me asking, how much $$$ did you drop at Precision Concepts?

I'm racing the 40 year old class. We did a tour and rode the Baja 2000 two days after the race. It was an event to see I'll tell you. I wanted to race the 1000 someday and my buddy at Trailboss said he was getting a team together. Hell I've ridden all that area many times. I look at it as a 300 mile trail ride that I get to rail on. Then give the bike to someone else. With all the desert rides I do it will be fun to just rip for 6 hours none stop. No looking back for your buddies, just haul ass.

The best thing is I get to pre-ride a couple of times with my buddies and share the experence.

I'm setting my bike up as if I was racing it. This way I could if things fall apart at the last minute. It seems a shame to not ride the DRZ but I need the extra speed.

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I spent about 700 bucks. Complete revalve, heavy duty bottoming cones, coated the shock body for better cooling.

What I hated about the stockers is I had to be so timid hitting everything. Now I can actually "attack" without fear of slamming the frame rails in the dirt. AND it is still very plush.

I know Mexico is cool and all but I have solo'd the Nevada 2000, Vegas to Reno 2001 and am also doing the Nevada 1000 next week. These races are epic. Plus it right here in USA! Best in the Desert does a first class act. Awsome races!

I use the Honda support program. Mr Bruce Ogilvie works so hard at it and does an awsome job. Plus hes a really nice guy. Im not sure I would attemt these events without it.

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