Big disappointment

DIRTDGR Ok I'm there. But I'm holding you responsable!

Well I took the BRP out this week end after changing the springs and bars. Big improvment. My bones still hurt from the wooped out trails at Hollister but I got to go fast this time. I replaced the front tire with a used M12 but the rear was still all over the place. I'm going to put the fat 140-80 S12 on. That tire has never let me down. I should have a Damper this week so I'll have to give it a try in the desert this week end.

What spring rate did you go with? And, did you change the fork oil and/or valving?

No I just changed the springs. I put a 11.5 in the rear and I'm not sure what I got for the front. I'm 195 lbs and I got springs for my weight.

Just got back from Carson City and took the BRP out. I feel much better now the bike rips. In the sand with a stock tire the bike does very well and is stable over rocks. :):D

I have a pair of 49mm 01DRZ-K Forks. do you think this would work good?

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