anybody ever see this movie?...


I seem to remember he was riding some kind of big XR.

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I did see this movie years ago, on HBO, and I LOVED IT!! In fact, this movie contributed to my early obsession with dirtbikes. I am glad you reminded me of this movie, I would like to see it again. I remember being in awe of this awesome dude on a dirtbike, ripping up the old west while being totally clueless as to why he was there. (And how to get back to the future!) What a riot! Probably not great by todays action movie standards, but nontheless, a fun movie to watch. I would have to see the movie again to determine if the dirtbike was a big bore XR, but if I remember right, It sounded like a thumper! Chances are if he was in a motocross race when he got flipped in time, that it was actually a two-smoke. Any other thoughts on this question?? Sixr500r

1983 xr500r---Refinished with plastic re-new, Looks brand new!

Rebuilt from the ground up, thanks to xrjohn for his amazing skills.

Lots of POWER = Lots of FUN!!

Starred Fred Ward(in the movie Tremors) and was produced by Mike Nesmith(tall guy with funny hat in the 60s group,the Monkees)yes it was an XR, and it was supposed to be a Baja race.

I have the video at my shop at work, may have to "pop" it in the VCR....been awhile, but like it!

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