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2001 wr250f jetting/mods

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Thanks for everones help. When I first got on this site, I had just bought my stock, slow, used 01 wr250f, It's now incredible. It pulls so hard from bottom to top. First I ordered the parts I was going to need. I then washed it and started with the mods. 03 yzf cam, TT decompression plug, throttle stop, air cut valve, OBEKP needle 4 position, #178 main, #100 pilot air jet, #100 leak jet, pilot screw 1 5/8 turns, used stock 02yzf exhaust, gray wire, blue wire, air box lid, white brothers power filter, removed coolant reservoir, changed oil and filter, drained and filled tank 91 octain pump gas. All took about 4 hours. I next put my leg over it, turned the gas on ,pulled the chock, kicked it three times, no TDC, NICE! Warmed it up, rode it around a few minutes, got on it and was blown away!

Thanks everyone for your help. Joe. San Diego, Ca

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