lots of questions.

I already posted one of the questions. My headlight burned out with the stock bulb withina couple of rides of the bike being brand new. When I picked up the bike brand new it sorta had a low battery and never does hold a good charge like my brothers. Is there a recall on the regulator. I just bid on a regulator on ebay. I put a Sylvania Silverstar bulb in my bike after the original one burned out. That one burned up the low beam filament pretty quick on its first ride out so i repined the plug to run the high beam. That one burned out just as fast. At first i thought it was cuase i cut the grey wire. But i can see i was wrong about that judging by all of the posts about the wire mod. I take it the mod is applicable to a 2003 wr450? As for the headlight, it seems all of the problems are with the baja designs lighting, I didnt notice a thread about stock lights burnig out. My last question is about the woodruff key issue, will the dealership fix that for free or would i have to pay for it? Is there a recall on that sorta thing?


I've had no problems with the headlight on my 03. To my knowledge there hasn't been any recalls on the regulator. Sounds like you've got an after-market kit on your bike. You need to get with Baja on that one. I would get someone to test your electrial output. The dealer isn't going to do anything for free on that. My original battery wouldn't hold a charge so I replaced it and have had no problems with the battery since. :cry:

As far as the woodruff key goes, Yamaha issued a technical service bulletin on that. The bulletin is specific for key failures. You need to talk to the service manager about it. You can do a search and get the TSB number. :cry:


Well, the WR runs the stock setup on "high beam" and I added an off road headlamp switch so I can use lo or hi beam, and turn off all lighting. (if it does fail, I have a spare element to use) I usually wont run headlamps if I'm not leading. And if I do have a bulb failure, I flip it to lo beam. Buy a bulb for motorcycles, not automotive. I think they are more of a rough service bulb. I had a KDX which never burnt out a bulb either. Also, check for poor connection, the resistance can generate some heat and melt the solder out. Other than that, I dont have any answers? :cry:

I dont have an aftermarket kit on my bike. I started haveing problems after I switched out the stocker bulb for a Sylvania Silverstar bulb. I think the Silverstar is 10watts hotter. That should not cause a problem if what everyone says about the charging system is true. Everyone here says that the system will generate atleast 100watts. Some of you guys say as high as 130watts stock. Maybe the silverstar burned up my regulator. I changed out the silverstar after burning up both hi and low elements and went with a more stock (lower wattage) bulb. I still have it buring out. Both elements of the new bulb are gone.

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