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Needsprayer rode Hawaii today

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Today we took needsprayer riding at Kahuku and the conditions were ideal. Good traction etc. He's a really nice guy. I'll just post some pics with some comments and let needsprayer tell the story... :cry:

This is needsprayer at the beginning of the day


This is needsprayer a mile into our ride. He actually hit the ground hard here. But he was OK. I told him if he crashed I would laugh at him unless he got hurt then I wouldn't laugh. :lol:


Here he attempts a hill. Notice the stabilizers out.


Uhhhhhh. I was told there are no hills in Arizona.

This is what happens when you don't ride hills.


I usually put my kneecups in my pants. In Arizona things are done differently. :cry:


Here needsprayer give the "Shaka" sign. :cry:


More Arizona climbing technique...


This little rut area kinda freaked him out. He thought I was trying to torture him! Neil putts around the rut as needsprayer is doing something in there... :lol:


I think he went around 12 miles thru the day. I took him on the easiest possible trails I could. I promise!!!! BTW, my new YZ125 feels great! :cry: :cry: Aloha Needsprayer, I hope you had fun... :lol:

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Nice pictorial. I alwasy look forward to seeing the shots you take, even if some of them are puck-shots at other TT Members! :cry:

Did he have his bike transported over there, or just bring his gear?

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