getting out broken bolts

im totaly mifed. im trying to get out broken bolts out the frame for the right footpeg. my wife thinks im better off taking it to the dealer! :D i bought the ez out kit and started drilling the bolts. but they seem stuck. should i use more pressure or heat the frame? :D i asked a dealership and they told me it was a bad idea with a 650r frame. :D i bought the torch but am open to any thoughts.

thanks .... :)


first spray some kind of lubricant or release agent around broken bolts.then make sure you drill hole deep enough to get a good bite with ez-out.insert ez-out into bolt and begin tapping back of ez-out with hammer while at the same time you are trying to loosen bolt.if you are having trouble try spraying more lubricant.tapping with hammer helps break rust free and also helps lubricant to penetrate around bolt threads.if you still cant get bolts out try heating area around bolt with propane torch while you are loosening with ez-out.removal of frozen,rusted,broken bolts is never fun, but if you take your time and use proper technique you shouldnt have any problems.

Just my 2 cents worth, but be careful using a torch and penetrating oils at the same time! Some of the solvent carriers go boom! I've had good luck with a product called PB Blaster, I find it at the auto parts stores locally. You might also try getting some Kroil from someone who does machine work. It really does work it's way into all the nooks and crannies. I'd give it a good shot and then try to put the bike as much on it's side as possible overnight to allow gravity to help. Good luck! -Chad :)

Ez outs come in different sizes.Hopefully its not to late to use the largest one possible. Drill a small hole first, of course as well centered as possible.Then start making the hole bigger until you can use the largest ez out possible.On my buddies bike we ended up thru bolting the footpeg bolts useing triple strength bolts and split washers. Worked well and he is 260 lbs. GOOD LUCK!

pbgunrunner is right about torch and penetrating oils iif it comes down to using torch whipe away excess lubricants from area your heating.if you dont want to use torch you can try drill out bolt so sidewall are thin as possible without damaging threads then use a hammer and cold chisel or nut& bolt splitter to cut or slip bolt down as far as you can on 1 side.then get screwdriver and pry sides away from frame into centerof bolt enough so you can pry or use needlenose pliers to twist bolt out.dont worry if you damage threads a little when you are splitting bolt you can use tap same size as bolt you are removing to clean up threads when you are done.just keep damage to minimun only make the 1 split and try to keep it straight as possible.


Hit that one on the head! PB blaster does amazing things with rusted mated bolts and nuts. Best results, if you have the time, saturate the surface to be extracted and let sit for couple hrs or over night. you will be amazed!

Good luck!

If all else fails, give it hell with the drill and finish it off with a metric tap!

I would soak it several nites in a row with a good rust buster, then use a left handed drill, make sure you can get a good center punch mark on the broken bolt. If thats not working, then break out the E-Z outs. But...if you used red Loc-tite on those bolts, forget it! Just shoot youself in the head, and then drill right thru them, and use thru bolts, and nuts...

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