04 WR450 Fork Seals

Went riding this weekend for 50 miles of the super steep and technical single track in Idaho and when we got back to the trucks I noticed I had blown the fork seals after 280 miles of riding. I don't recall bottoming the front end and we never were jumping anything of any significance. I have been letting the pressure out of the front end on a regular basis and yes I am doing it with the bike on a stand. I always use a block when I am trasporting as well. Any one else found this to be an issue?? Reminds me of my KTM....never ending fork seal issues there too.

the seals won't go because of riding style (just short of freestyle). use a bit of film negative to run up between the wiper/seal and the fork leg. slip it as far up there as you can get it. be sure you get under the seal, not just the wiper. if you've used a power washer or ridden in mud, there may be dirt in the seal. if you have to replace them, be sure to put on some seal savers when you put the forks back on the bike.

When mine leaked (only once when it was new) I pulled down the dust seal and slid a .006-.010 feeler gauge gently between the fork tube and forkseal. Once the feeler gauge is up I pull it outwards slightly and spray WD40 between the tube and feeler gauge and watch the dirt run down the tube, WARNING do not rotate the feeler gauge around the fork tube it may rip/cut the seal. Just stick the gauge in every so often around tube and spray, you'll be amazed how much dirt will run out. Do this until no more dirt comes out. I then pack some assembly lube(white lithium grease) up in forkseal and reinstall the cleaned dust seal. The grease will catch some of the dirt before it gets to forkseal. I've got 1300+ miles on bike and have not had a problem with seals leaking, of course I do this bimonthly and have SealSavers(sock type)installed.

good info guys...muchas gracias :cry:

got to love this fourm...always get good answers to all things thumper :cry:

I had the same problem, mine because I left some mud on the forks and it dried and then I rode it again before cleaning it, not a good thing. I replaced both fork seals and wipers and now I wash (no more power sprayers, learned my lesson there too) after every ride.

I have never power washed this rig but did get into some good mud on the ride before this happened. I think this is the problem. I thought I washed it well but... Anyway I will get them fixed and follow the advice that has been posted here. Thanks again.

Two words: "Seal Savers". :cry: I blew both my fork seals with the first 100 miles after getting the bike. :cry: I put a set on them and now after 1500 miles they are still going strong. :cry: I also check the fork tubes after every ride for nicks and I am very careful to keep them clean. :cry:

Ditto, SEAL SAVERS they really work! :cry:

Do you have a link to these "seal savers"? Thanks! :cry:

Anyone have a pic of these seal savers on their bike? :cry:

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