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RMEC Two Rivers Race Report

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Got my butt kicked but won

The Two Rivers race is a little different than most enduros but it's a great

race for some one new to the sport to get some what of a feeling for the

sport. One of the nice things is it's close to Denver so I was able to stay

in my nice warm bed at home instead of camping at the race site. I left the

house and 5 AM and drove up to the track.

The race crew had set up a 6 mile loop using the MX track and open land on

the Two Rivers property. The A/B guys would race in the morning and the C's

in the afternoon. The long coursers would do 1 practice lap, 3 timed laps

then one last moto of 4 laps. The last moto was orginally set to be 5 laps

but there was worries about gas in the MX bikes that had shown for the race.

I started on row 3 with 2 B riders. 1 guy I knew and another I didn't . I

have said it before and it is worth repeating, you meet the nicest people at

enduros and got to talk before the start with him and the others around us


The start was on the MX track. They have some long jumps on this track too.

After the practice lap all the watering the crew had done really paid off,

the track was in great shape and you could really stick the bike in the

corners, I just love that feeling. We then headed into the fields, around

some tight trees and then into some more open area. Up and down some small

hills, some straight stretchs and some rocks, where the heck did those

little rocks come from??

We then hit a small part of the MX track again and then down to a pond area

on the South end of the property. They ran us in some tall grass beside the

pond for awhile and that stuff was slick!!! Then to a portion of the pond

that didn't have any water in it. Well thats not true there was no standing

water it was all mixed in with dirt and that makes mud!!! Then on to the MX

track to finish the loop.

I was pretty consistent all day. I could get away from the guys on my minute

and have clear sailing. I caught 1 guy on the minute in front of us every

lap and he would pull right over for me and I was sure to thank him at the

end of the loop. On the final moto they started each row 30 seconds apart

and 4 guys caught me on this one. 1 being Ron Schmelze <sp> man that guy can


I had a good time all day long. I was starting to get some of the jumps by

the end of the race, one of my favorites was a not to far from the start, a

little double then down and back up to a table. I wasn't doing the little

double but the table right after it was a kick. No real problems all day but

in the last lap I bobbled in the mud hole. Didn't crash but I was

floundering around like a fish out of water, that cost me some time.

The guys in my class had better days than me. But the win I mentioned at the

begining of this piece was a set of tires that Pirelli had given to the

race, they actually gave several. Front and rear. That capped off a fun day.

Kudos to the Two Rivers crew for a fun event and thanks to all that worked


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Sounds like I should of stay home and rode instead of going to OK. city. we were knee deep in MUD, it started raining at 4:00pm sat and didn't stop. the race started on time but they ended it, calling it off about 1:00 pm. after the first 20 miles or so everyones brakes were gone, frt and rears, mud and ruts up to your knee caps after the end of the C loop they let the A and B go but then called it after that special test I didn't complain end up 3rd and glad I did it but don't want to do another mud run for bit :cry:

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You weren't the only one getting a workout 'Dog, everyone coming to the checkout was breathing hard , even the fast As/AAs. The Leahy bros deserve the credit for the awesome, improved/faster layout. Their changes made for a course that had great traction all day, and didn't turn as choppy as the first one in June. The only thing us workers added for the course was the mudhole. :cry:

Apparently, I picked a good race to work as there were some really fast riders for this one. Dan D finished 7th, which is about where I probably would have finished-provided I didn't pick a bad line through the mudhole and need to get pulled out! :cry:

Bummer on your torture session Dave, there won't be mud in Kachina!

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Hope you're ready to replace all the bearings in the bike. You might as well get started now....


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Dave, nope, won't make that one either. I'll be on a plane back from Tejas about the time you make first gas...

Good luck to everybody and have fun!

Ride fast, take chances!


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Not many things scare me, but "loaner parachute" is definitely on that list! :cry:


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