Bogging out/ Need advise Please!!

I have a 04 WR450. Was running great. And in the middle of a ride I could run past half throttle. At about half throttle the bike just boggs out. Like it is not getting enough gas or electricle/ timming issue. But I have not idea where to begin. I drained out all the gas and replaced it, thinking I may just have just filled up with bad gas, (and I had just filled up with Exon 93) but that did nothing. I cleaned the air filter and again no change. I did recently install a Baja Kit, but it had been riding fine for about 40 miles since then with no problems.

Ideas Please!

Try cleaning out your carb. You may have dirt in one of the jets. :cry:

How does the plug look?,also check the carb vents? :cry:

Try a new spark plug, I get similar symptoms when my plug gets dirty.

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