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New springs and clicker knowledge - first ride

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Installed new springs at both ends and refreshed the oil in the forks. First time out on it was yesterday at Elsinore. What a huge difference! Coming up a little short on the smaller stuff used to have me bottoming hard. I didnt bottom it AT ALL yesteday. Spent my time there playing with the clickers mostly, Ill start catching more air next time out.

Ended up I was running about 4-6 clicks farther out than when I had the stock springs on and it rides MUCH more plush on the smaller bumps and obsorbs the big hits without bottoming or harshness.

Anybody that is heavier than 180lbs should invest in springs, even without revalving it made my (heavy) bike much more enjoyable to ride (and jump) and only cost $200... When I go to have it revalved I already have the heavier springs so I will save that $200 then.

Buy the springs!

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