Rekluse Clutch questions.

Just bought and installed a Rekluse clutch for my 01 WR426. I have done some reading on this product and I'm still wondering about the long term effects on the bike. Anyone had one on their bike for a while, and if so, what are your impressions so far? Maintenance issues? Problems? I like it so far in the technical sections I ride here in Colorado. Any experiences good or bad would be appreciated. :cry:

I've had the z-start on my 03 WR450 since the start of the season. I had some initial problems getting the install gap set correctly (my own issues) but once I solved that the clutch works flawlessly. I got the perch mount adjuster but could not use it since I run very narrow bars (renthal YZ80 bars) with an ICO enduro computer and scotts damper and just couldn't make the adjuster fit. I'm now very comfortable without the clutch lever anyway.

Willy Fitz :cry:

I have been running the Rekluse Z-start in my 03 WR450 since March of 2003 (first WR450 with a Z-start; Al installed it himself) and I've had NO problems with it. I have 4,300 miles on the stock clutch plates while using the Z-start and they're holding up great. I LOVE my auto-clutch! :cry:

Thanks, I really appreciate the responses. Of course all I got from the folks at Rekluse is that everything is peachy so I thought I'd get some more sound opinions from you 'cause your not trying to sell me something. Thanks again. :cry:

The folks at Rekluse have the best customer support Ive ever dealt with. I put the Zstart in my 01 WR426, I didnt even change the clutch plates 4000+ miles. It works great!

It really all boils down to a couple thousands of an inch of install gap. Nail that and your good to go. Blow it and you will slip like hell or drag like hell.

The directions are very basic as long as you understand the

concept of how a clutch actually works.

I would recomend this product to anyone. :cry:


I'll agree that the customer service there is top notch. I do know their trying to sell their product as well. They were very helpful when I had questions about the install gap. I went and put 120+ miles on the clutch yesterday and so far I'm still reaching for the clutch lever now and then but I love it. Thanks again guys. :cry:

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