How do you quiet a yz 450 to 94 db or lower

I live in michigan and ride pretty much all single track. I joined the CCC this year and did the atlanta ride. I didn't even get checked for sound they saw that I had a pro moto spark arestor and silencer. When I rode the color tour this weekend they would not let me ride because at an idel the DNR officer gaged me between 94.7db and 94.9db and 1/8 throttle the gaged me at @101db this is a problem. Pro moto has there sprk arrestor and silencer rated at between 94 - 96db this is not true. I have been searching on how to get the bike quieter but not lose its power without spending a whole lot of money. Does anybody have any ideas or has anybody be able to quiet the beast. I want to ride the rites of spring in March but wont be able to do this leagally if it is not quiet.

P.S. I called Pro Moto and they said they have no problem passing in Calf. and there tech is supposed to getting back with me.

I got mine tested at 99db with the PMB silent core, I ended up buying a FMF Q and it tested at 96db. I have no idea how to get to 94?

The only SURE way to get the bike to 94 is to buy a fully choke WR pipe. The drawbacks are obvious though. Another option though I have not seen real results is to buy a CRD Absolute Performance silencer. Supposedly 92 db or some such thing. I like my Absolute Power compared to my ole R4 but that isn't saying much. :cry:

Is this the same Trees4Traction from SnoWest?

Install a FMF Q muffler and WR throttle stop.

You can also try to make a "lid" for the airbox as that will quiet (restrict) things.

europe is governed by the FIM and we are by the AMA

they ,the FIM, have stricter guidelines on exhaust noise

you might check into some of their systems

I had a GTY-R tip on my stock exhaust and i think it tested at about 94dbs. Yes I have done the mods so that is a true test.

how about give me the yzf and ill send you my ttr....muuuuuch quieter

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