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1994 XR250R Cutting Out

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Hey, guys, I'm new on the TT forum. I like what I'm reading and I was hoping I could get a little help.

I've got a '94XR250R in very nice shape. Runs great. However, it has begun cutting out. This usually happens just after I jump and sometimes after I hit the brakes hard and slide into a corner. I.e., it seems to be related to rapid deceleration and/or vibration. It doesn't happen all the time and doesn't seem to be related to temperature. It typically starts right back up with but a single kick.

It may or may not be related to occasional hard starting. I'll put the choke on and kick it over. It'll fire once then die. Then, I'll have to open the decompressor and throttle, kick it over a half-dozen times, to get it to fire again. Occasionally, I'll get a backfire here. Eventually it'll start up. And sometimes, it starts on teh first or second kick. No relation to temperature or humidity.

I've had the carb off and it looks brand new inside. The plug is in good shape, nice tan color. Not wet, oily, or fouled. I'm thinking it might be related to ignition somehow. Bad lead? Bad coil? Timing? Any ideas???

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