fanny pack tool holder

Anybody got a recommendation on a good tool holder to strap down inside a rear fanny pack? I put mine in a soft bag and strap it inside the pack but the riding still bumps everything around even though it is strapped tight and the tools rip up the bag. Got a lead on a good tool,misc holder?


I've been using the Fly Racing tool/fanny pack for about a year now. It has holders for all of your tools plus several, small, misc. pockets for holding little things and one big pocket for holding larger things. I pack about 15lbs. of stuff in mine and nothing gets rattled. :cry:

Fly Tool Fanny Pack

I use the MSR tool wrap. I strap it inside my fender bag.

MSR Tool Wrap

I have the larger Moose pack (XCR?) and I love it, can pack a ton of stuff in it and it all holds tight.

I have the Mechanixwear one, very similar if not the same as the Fox one...

Great unit, all sorts of holders, pockets etc... with that and a CamelBak, I go anywhere... :cry:

I got it from the TT store...


Thanks for the responses guys, found exactly what I was looking for.

I just read an article in the latest Dirt Rider mag, on an enduro pack from Blue Ridge Racing. Looked very cool and came with high end tools (ie Motion pro t handles, etc). The fanny pack also came with the hardware to attach to your fender.

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