stock yz450f tires?

do any of you guys still use your stock tires "dunlop d739 and d739f" i dont like mine i think they hook up like crap and was woundering what you guysthink would be a good intermediate tire? :cry:

the stock ones I got are D755 :cry:

The 739 is listed on Dunlop's web site as a tire suitible for hard pack to blue groove. My experience indicates that the front is a fairly good road racing tire, but anything softer than dry clay is pretty much out of the question.

I don't know what the dirt in Michigan is like, but for a good versatile setup, use a Dunlop 756 or a Maxxis IT on the rear, and a 756 in front. If hard pack is common where you ride, you can use a 742 in front instead. It works OK in medium soft stuff and does better than a 756 on really hard dirt.

773s are better if your playground is mostly soft to intermediate.

yeah the dirt here pretty soft on the trials iv been riding im a new rider and its hard for me tokeep a line going witgh thoughs tires other then that i here people talking bad about them on the trails but other then traction im not having hany problems

The first thing I replaced, was the font with a 756. I just ordered a 756 for the back, along with a maxxis IT to compare. I myself dont care for the 739s either. Grayracer is right on the money !!

sorry im new but whats blue groove and let me know what you like better with the maxxis and the 756 tires so when i decide to make a switch this winter :cry:

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