I need new suspension!! for and 85 xr600

We are looking to redo the suspension on the XR600 i sold my friend. If anyone has a reference online, it would be greatly apreciated. Always looking for a good deal on the web. I would greatly aprecaiate suggestions and/or places on where and how to do this task. we need to replace both the front and rear suspension. Thanks a bunch--mudslinger--

Howdy, I've had great luck with the setup on my '96. The front end is a Showa upside down fork system from a cr500. I used everything including the clamps from the donor bike. Other than having to make a shim to take up a bit of space under the bottom bearing, it was strictly bolt on. I also suspect the Showa's offer less rake than the stockers because the steering seems much quicker than it was before. I had the stock rear shock worked over-I believe both White Bros. as well as valvetech still do this kind of work- look in the back of a Dirtbike mag and you'll find several shops. I told them what I needed to do, and they did it. The total bill was less than $150 as I recall and I got a new spring to boot (I'm a big guy). Drop me an e-mail and I'll send you a pic. Good Luck! -Chad, hjort@winco.net :)

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