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Lap time

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Anyone ever time themsselves with a stopwatch? Yesterday was the first day I had all 3 of my bikes in the same place, usually I leave 1-2 at my parents and one at my place (bay area is tight on space, parents have 20+ acres in middle of no where for almost nothing, paid $10K for 20 acres)

Anways here's the results:

2003 YZ450F:


1st lap... 1:08:11

2nd ... 1:09:77

3. ... 1:09:58

1999 KX250:


1. ... 1:07:93

2. ... 1:06:89

3. ... 1:08:03

2004 525EXC:


1. ... 1:10:01

2. ... 1:09:75

3. ... 1:10:95

Summaries: (for 3 laps)

KX 3:23:97

YZ 3:29:91

KTM 3:31:58

So the 2-stroke was the fastest, and I really thought the KTM would be. The course I used is a fire break trail my dad made with his scraper. It goes around a large field and has a lot of off-camber sections where you have to be careful on the gas. The KX was slow there, but faster everywhere else I guess. I actually almost crashed on the KX as well cause it stood up when I gas it hard out of a corner. I guess light weight is good.

The YZ could of been faster with hand guards. I had to dodge poison oak with it, the other I just hit it.

The funny thing is that I had not ridden the YZ since labor day and the KX since memorial day. KX started on 2nd kick, YZ took more, but I felt most comfortable on it. The KTM just felt heavier when I had to lean them over.

In a actually CC race I think the E-start on the KTM would make up the differnce and then some on the YZ. The KX is too easy to start and never gets harder when upside down etc., its just plain wore out. Needs a lot of TLC I guess. Still goes though.

Too be fair the KX has the most $$$ in it.

I'm thinking of getting a autoclutch in the YZ and then trying this whole thing again. Also want to try my Predator quad on the same course and see how it does. I know the it will make a ton of dust now, need some rain, and hopefully I stay out of the manzita or poison oak on that crazy quad.


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Interesting test.

The more slippery it is, the better the quad should do.

Where's your folks property? I still see property up here in Lake County for 2K an acre.

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My folks live in the middle of no where, closet town is about 20 miles away is Redding, CA. They live out by Shasta Lake (sort of), no cable, no services really, just electricity. They're pretty close to the Jones Valley Fire. I rode up there last weekend, and should of brought my camera. It was amazing the devestation that the fire did. Even stumps were turned to ash in some areas.

I think a lot of people are going to be moving out now with 3 big fires in the last few years. One guy got burnt out by all 3. That's bad luck.

The quad is faster on off-camber, gravel, sand type corners cause it power slides better there, but if its really rough, the quad beats you up pretty good. I only bought it cause I can't climb the hills or go down them as slow as my parents ride on there mamoth 4x4 quads with Hill descent assist etc., I just slide into them going down, or have to turn around and go all the way to the bottom. Some of the hills in the Shasta are go up for a long time, so it wastes a lot of time and gas.

Next time I try it I hope to have a auto-clutch in the YZF, wonder how that will effect things?

I think the KX won cause it has the tallest 2nd gear. KTM I was shifting 2nd/3rd for the course, KX nad YZ could do it all in 2nd, but KX goes faster in 2nd. Also KX has 5 years of mods on it. 😢


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