XR650L Hop-ups

I bought a 2001 XR650L last year around this time. I have put 6,500 miles on it. I have not changed anything on the bike yet, except normal maint. items. My local Honda shop talked me into a Cobra Exhaust system (with spark arrester) and a jet kit. I am not sure on the brand of jet kit (I will find out Mon). Do any of you know anything about Cobra Exhausts? I am wondering how it will sound and run. I hope the jet kit will improve the bike's performance.



I just did the cobra exhaust and the BD jet kit and removed the snorkle. The jump in performance is very noticeable. The exhaust note is a bit loud though. I would like to know if anyone else knows anything about this exhaust.

Thanks bend for the quick response! I don't mind a somewhat loud exhaust as long as performance doesn't suffer.

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