Baja Designs Jet Kits.... which one do I buy?

I own a 2001 XR650L, awsome bike! I want to "unleash the beast" so I am researching Baja Designs jet kits for this bike. I already have a pipe on the way. What jet kit I should buy:

Jet Kit and Vacuum Piston Mod for XRL650 ($21.95)


Dyno Jet Carb Kit XR650L ($51.95)

Does anyone know anything about these kits, or know which one would make the bike run stronger?

I did just the carb kit, they called me and asked what I used the bike for and mods, then sent me the kit and instructions. Worked great.

Toaster, get the $21.95 Jet kit w/Vacum Piston Mod...Did all the work on my XRL with stuff from Baja Designs....Smog Block-off Kit,Uni Air Filter, remove air-box snorkel, Jet Kit & FMF "Q" Tailpipe/Muffler...the bike runs SO WELL!! Check "Uncorked" & other posts for more info.

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