How is it?

How is this bike and what is the lowest price you can get it for? i really wnat one but my dad says we dont have enough money?

What bike?

the 450 sry

i dont really know about the 05 but it looks great with the new renthals front break and motor i guess they need to do somehting with the graphics though very little change in the last few years..

but back on point i have an 04 and i like it alot plenty of power the only thing i wanna change so fars is my tires and chain. it also is a pretty tall bike. i think its a great bike depending on your style :cry:

I was trying to sell my 450 and finally decided that the price would be too low so I'd try to fix the main 2 problems I had with it:

1. 4speed

2. Too easy to stall

I have a 16oz FWW which smooths out the power, but its still faster than my 525. It still stalls too easy. the CRF is 6-10 (don't remember exactly) oz's heavier stock than the YZF, so the YZ needs that much more just to be compariable. I also feel that the YZ cam is much more radical than the CRF, this is why the YZ has more HIT, and the CRF seems more general purpose oriented.

I plan to fix all this by adding a Z-start autoclutch and gearing it taller. That way my 4th will be more like a WR 5th and my 1st will be taller than a normal first and slower than a 2nd. The autoclutch should still allow me to go slow when needed by slipping?

I still have to test this, but that's my plan.


I'll sell you my 426 for a real good price and I wont rip you off.

if i get somthing it will be new.

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