Hey Crackin! I'm REAL INTERESTED in what you may find with your overheating situation! Right away, the engineer in me wants to say jetting or too hot of a plug. But I'm a bit puzzled, because I'm sure you have probably looked into that. I realize there are many other variables......please let me know what you come up with! Thanks, Roger.

Hi All! What should be the "normal" temp. range for my '86 XR600R during, say medium trail and woods riding, on a 70 degree F day? What should the highest temp. be for same (as in when should I either open it up down on a long fire trail, or shut it down)? Thanks, Roger.

I will definately be posting the results of the attempted overheating fix. It seems that the plug is reading tan which makes it appear that the bike is not lean but, as the bike was overheating and killing the stator, the spark was being reduced which could have darkend the plug and concealed the lean situation..I also need to try a colder plug. That will be on the to do list....More to come...Should be this week I am hoping....

Ok...Got the bike back but still no clue as to what might be causing the excessive heat....Dip stick temp is running about 250 so far and I am seriously thinking about changing the main jets to see if it makes any difference on the long runs....Anyone know what the normal operating temperature should be???????????????

Would it be possible that the 2nd carb is not coming fully open?

Are you saying 220 is hot? I thought that was normal temp for an air-cooled bike?

Finally ....I think I found someone that knows wht they are doing....I brought my bike to another shop and the guy that owns it runs flat trackers....We are going to rejet the carb and either shim the needle or get a skinnier one...What ever it take to get this beast more gas....Will report back as things change....

That's what I'm wanting to know! Normal temperature of a 1986 XR600R on a 70 degree day, riding medium to hard, in woods with rough trails and tough hills! Anyone?

my last bike was a 85 xr 600 and it ran hot all the time!!! :cry:

If you search you should find a handful of other post on the subject but from what I read my understanding was that it was concluded that NORMAL operational range for the aircooled 600 was 200-250 or 275 with fluctuation above but nothing consistantly regular above 300.

SRCinc.ne's tech bulletin, recommends, "We have a lot of enthusiasts ask us if we recommend that they install an oil cooler. An oil cooler is only needed if the engine oil temperature reaches and is sustained at 300ºF or higher for long periods."

So for your question about bike-temp in 70 degree day in woods...if it is w/in the normal range...I wouldn't worry. if you see it sitting above 300 get a cooler or use it as an excuse to quit sitting waiting on the slow folks and tell the others to wait while you go cool your bike off by riding!

Let us know if you need more clarification.


Ok FISTBORE...Here is what I know and have tried so far....I first tried running the bike on full choke and it ran great...It was at this point that I could start to smell a hint of richness from the exhaust..The temp was running as high as 250 but no more than that so I blocked off half of the air intake on the air box to get it to run as rich as possible without having it on full choke. The temp is holding stable around 220-240 on the highway with some hesitation when backing off of the throttle...I COULD NOT run 50 mph for any length of time before without the bike getting really hot 260 and climbing....So my next step is to rejet....The only question now is what size jets to install....Bottom line is the bike for some unexplained reason is running LEAN <---CORRECTION and causing excessive heat....Also if by chance you happen to pull the right side engine cover...Make sure you pull the oil strainer screen and clean it....I am not sure if the screen is before or after the oil filter on the lube system but because of it's location it is often times forgotten.

I thought that lean made it run hot. rich is better than lean for temps.

oops gotta run


OOM and CrackiN...Makes sense from my experience! Air Cooled And Running Hard Through The Woods = Heat! By the same token, I want to limit that heat in a practical way! For now, I'm thinking the best possible oil, with all oil system components clean. I also want to make sure my oil pump is 100%. Have you ever heard of a high performance or high volume oil pump for this bike?

Crackin...All sounded logical until you said bike is running rich and you want to lean it out! Leaner = Hotter! I think you just got your words reversed, but I thought I better say something just in case you are really going off track and considering going leaner! As you know, the more fuel you can get in there (without losing performance, blowing out dark smoke, fouling plugs, etc.) the more that fuel will help keep you cool! Pull the plugs regularly until you get this worked out! They are like a hidden book waiting to be read!

OTHER OVERHEATING POSSIBILITIES: Lean carb jetting or carb adjustment/s, Engine oil level low(a given), Wrong oil for riding style/conditions, Intake air leak(can be checked by spraying WD-40 around intake components with bike running, you'll know if engine starts sputtering, etc.), Fuel level low in carb/s(adjust float level/s, the carb/s can only deliver what they receive!), Worn oil pump, Clogged oil passage/s, Clogged oil line/s, Carbon build up in combustion chamber. Just something to think about!

You are right....I didn't mean to say it was running rich and causing heat....I ran it down the highway this morning and temp was up to 230....Temp went up to 250 when I slowed down to turn around and went right back to 230 once I got back up to speed...I think the prob is solved...Now to get it rejetted....Thanks for all the info....This forum has proven itself to be priceless....

CrackiN...I agree with you as far as this forum being so useful! And think of the money it saves us on mis-diagnosed situations! Keep me posted on your bike's running conditions. As we have proven, we can all learn from each other, no matter how much we already know, or think we know. My learning with this forum has surprised me, due to the fact I've been into off road bikes for so long! The thing is, the technology advances fast! All you guys are great, and taking the time to help out by submitting your postings is very much appreciated!

While I'm re-doing this bike to suit me, I need to also focus on the suspension! The bike is a 1986 XR600R, with all stock suspension components. I am 6'-00" tall, and weigh right around 280 pounds. My thinking is that I would do best to change the stock springs, front and rear, to the heaviest I can find! If I'm correct in my thinking, in doing this, I'd better be prepared to to do some fork and shock modifications! I'M EXTREMELY OPEN TO ANY ADVICE AND/OR SUGGESTIONS HERE!!!


I also have a 86 XR600 and one of the first things I got rid of were those crappy oil dampened forks. I read an article in the late 80's that said a pair of 87CR250 forks were a direct fit on the XR600, plus they were cartridge forks. I mounted them up, they were a direct swap and what a huge difference it made. You will stil need stiffer springs in the forks, and a new rear spring and the rest of the set-up, but I wouldn't even mess with the stock forks.


Thanks Rick! I'll look into that and keep you posted! I hope you don't mind if I tap into some of your other past experience while I'm building this bike! Roger.

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