oil in my air box??

i have been tring to remove my broken right footpeg bolts. i had the bike laying on its side for hours while drilling and such. when i finished i put the bike on the stand and found engine oil in the air box and filter. is this posible to back feed from the cilinder through the carb?? or is there a tube from the case to the box. first time i have ever seen this. i am a rokie to the wrenching. thanks


There is a crankcase breather hose that runs along the inside of the fuel tank to the air box (left side of BRP as you sit on it).

This hose should be repositioned so it cannot be pinched by a shifting fuel tank. Pinching may contribute to pressure building up in the crankcase, possibly causing a seal to blow.

I am adding an UNI crankcase breather filter (part number UP123) to this line and placing it outside of the airbox. You will have to block off the air box inlet.

This keeps contaminated fuel/air/oil from being reintroduced to the engine. Result: Better burn and power. :)

Could the oil be from a properly oiled air filter? I have found oil dripping out of my air box after oiling it. You should never put a dry air filter on your bike as the oil is there to trap dust and dirt from going into your engine.

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