04 wr450 off idle bog

2004 wr450 off idle bog new 04 only now has about 90 miles on it, did free mode did the throttle stop and grey wire and the took out the baffle, still running the stock exhaust and have tried jetting it , it has a 165 main changed to a 160 and to a 170 and back to 165 where it seemed to run the best except for the right off idle and a fast twist gets a bog , and tried adjusting the ap as well no change either way , only thing i havent done is the pilot jet and the jet needle or clip position have a cr500 2001 2 stroker got pretty good at jetting it for different altitudes, but after the bog the bike runs strong and kicks ass , i put about hte same thing on the jetting site not many responces i figured i would try the guys with the bikes i just need to learn the tricks of the bike hope you guys can help its bothering the [@#$%&*!] out of me , thanks

Try a #48 pilot jet and a #40 leak jet move your stock needle to the 5th clip from the top. If that does not do it then you have to start modifying your AC pump circuit. Your bike should wheelie and rip off of idle and not fall flat on its face. Also set your idle a little higher. You should be able to find a combination that works well.

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