D.S. Kits and B.D. Starter

I have a friend who owns a '01 XR650R that he wants to convert to a dual sport and Install an electric starter. I am helping him with what he needs and I am looking at the Electrex Dakar and Baja Designs Kits and a stator rewind for riding on the street at night. Any opinions on these or other kits and the Baja Designs electric starter. Cost is not a big issue, he's looking for the best DS Kit and starter he can get for the 650R. Thanks

I had the luxury of looking at various d/s kits first hand by visiting BD, Electrex, several dealers selling various various brands of d/s kits and seeing them first hand and talking to owners of various d/s kits. I chose the Electrex for various reasons and so far I've been happy with it. It's well contructed, well designed and has some nice features. None of these d/s kits are perfect in my opinion, but the Electex was the one that met my needs the best. I bought three of these kits and may only end up using two.

No matter which d/s kit you buy, make sure to keep your battery plugged into some type of smart battery charger/maintainer if you want to maximize the life of your battery.

I like the ignition key feature on the Electrex kit and it seems to be a quality kit and you get what you pay for. Any opinoins on the ICO Dualsport speedo/computer?

The ICO stuff I've seen has always been of good quality and durable too.

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